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Climate change-induced migration and violent conflict
Abstract In a world of rising sea levels and melting glaciers, climate change is most likely occurring but with uncertain overall effects. I argue that we can predict the effects of climate change onExpand
Economic Openness, Democracy, and Income Inequality
Scholars have studied effects of economic openness and democracy on national income inequality in two literatures. In democracy studies, scholars agree democracy reduces inequality but empiricalExpand
Democracy and Environmental Degradation
In a relatively small but growing body of literature in political science and environmental studies, scholars debate the effect of democracy on environmental degradation. Some theorists claim thatExpand
Economic Globalization and Civil War
In recent decades, the number of countries with ongoing civil wars and the share of these countries in the international system have increased dramatically. At the same time, the scope of economicExpand
Economic Globalization and Democracy: An Empirical Analysis
The theoretical literature presents conflicting expectations about the effect of globalization on national democratic governance. One view expects globalization to enhance democracy; a second arguesExpand
Ecomigration and Violent Conflict: Case Studies and Public Policy Implications
In 2005, a hurricane named Katrina hit the states of Louisiana and Mississippi in the US, destroying properties and flooding areas. Many people left the region and still have not returned. While someExpand
Climatic natural disasters, political risk, and international trade
This paper statistically analyzes the effects of climatic natural disasters and political risk on bilateral trade in a large-N sample of countries and years. Our theory suggests that the effects ofExpand
Does Environmental Degradation Influence Migration? Emigration to Developed Countries in the Late 1980s and 1990s
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that climate change will intensify during the 21st century. The exact distribution of impacts will likely be complex in nature. Although someExpand
Resource Scarcity and Conflict in Developing Countries
As time passes, renewable resource scarcities are becoming more common. There is increasing evidence that these scarcities are a causal factor in political conflict, especially in developingExpand