Rafael R. Arellano

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Mechanical power output is a reliable predictor of swim speed in front crawl. However, a complete power curve (power vs. load) has not been described for swimming, and intra-cycle power has not been assessed. The purpose of this study was to examine intra-cycle power output at propulsive phases and to determine maximum swimming power, the corresponding load(More)
This study is motivated by the unexpected failure of a network-based system during the performance of corrective maintenance. This incident highlights the importance of incorporating network connectivity analysis in maintenance planning. This study shows that it is crucial to consider network connectivity when planning maintenance. Procedures to conduct(More)
This paper presents a method to efficiently estimate the network reliability, in support of the "real time" needs of a geographically diverse set of users. The network subsystem considered here is a ring-structured, dual-backbone network. The measurement is usage-dependent in terms of location and time. For users at different locations and/or different(More)
Volcanism is a rich geodynamical process, closely linked to the origin and ongoing evolution of the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Humans have benefited from the resources provided by volcanoes but also been threatened by the dangers of volcanic eruptions, which accurate prediction remains elusive. This is partly due to the inherent(More)
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