Rafael Puerto

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In this paper, the general architecture of an application for remote real time execution via Internet of physical process controllers, is presented. This application has been developed using the platform Matlab/Simulink (Mathworks, 2004). The motivation of this work is based on the short availability of real physical systems or laboratories to perform the(More)
Proving the stability of a discrete{time implementation of the standard eld{oriented control (FOC) of induction motors is an open problem of great practical and theoretical signiicance. In a recent paper a modiication to the FOC was introduced to rigourously establish global asymptotic speed regulation and rotor ux norm tracking for current{fed machines. In(More)
This article describes the general architecture and application of a remote laboratory for teaching control theory based in Matlab/Simulink. The proposed system allows solving the time and spatial limitations of laboratories that rely on real physical systems used in control courses. In this way, control lab assignments with various physical processes(More)
In order to be fully autonomous, a mobile robot must possess the skill of finding its location in a particular environment. In other words, while navigating, a mobile robot must be capable of finding its location in a map of the environment (i.e. its pose < x, y, θ >), otherwise the robot will not be able to complete its task. The problem becomes specially(More)
A simple and efficient control law that combines the information of two cameras in order to realize the positioning task of a robot end-effector is presented in this paper. One of these cameras is rigidly mounted on the robot end-effector(eye-in-hand configuration) the other one observes the robot within its work space(eye-to-hand configuration). The aim of(More)
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