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In this report, we summarized the clinicopathologic features of 5 cases of lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of the prostate, a rare variant of prostate cancer characterized by a malignant epithelial component densely infiltrated by lymphoid cells. In all 5 patients, there were obstructive symptoms and elevated prostate-specific antigen; one patient had also(More)
—The radiation monitors on board the Galileo Giove-A satellite, CEDEX and Merlin, and their data are presented. The instruments include energetic proton and ion detectors, an internal charging monitor, RADFETs and experimental dose-rate photodi-odes. A comparison of the data with existing monitors and models is presented.
Sexual health has been defined as "the state of physical, emotional and social wellbeing related to sexuality. However, there are medical, psychological and social reasons that complicate full sexual health that are frequently not attended to sufficiently. The objective of this guide will be to analyze the factors that impact the sexual health of men and(More)
heat dissipation is frequently pointed as one of the main challenges in the promising 3D integration technology. The very thin dies required to integrate high density TSVs reduce the heat dissipation capacity of the 3D stack and may provoke exacerbated hotpots. This work investigates the use of graphitebased heat spreaders to mitigate the strong hotspot(More)
Previously we reported the purification of soluble gamma-glutamyltransferases (GGTs) from radish cotyledon. Subcellular fractionation of radish cells revealed that soluble GGT is a vacuolar enzyme. Acivicin, a GGT inhibitor, mediated the in vivo catabolism inhibition of the glutathione S-conjugate generated from endogenous glutathione and exogenously(More)
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