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Apart from what may be considered complications, the intervention of any aesthetic surgery can have undesired effects (scar sequelae, normal regional dynamic disorders, edema, iatrogenic acceleration of the aging process in the area). The orbital region is particularly sensitive to these undesirable effects due to its situation and the importance of the(More)
Cysts in contact with the inferior vena cava (IVC) represent a challenge for hepato-pancreatico-biliary surgeons. Although the literature on the topic is scarce, the most widely accepted approach is conservative surgery. Partial cyst resection is recommended, because radical resection is considered a high-risk procedure. This was a retrospective study over(More)
More than100 techniques and variations of breast reduction have been published. In most, the principal differences involve the method of transpositioning the nipple–areola complex and the pattern of skin resection. Skin resection inevitably causes scarring, which has given rise to an ongoing debate over long scar techniques and short scar techniques. The(More)
Liver hydatidosis is a severe health problem in endemic areas. Due to migration from these countries to other zones, now it is a worldwide problem. Liver hydatidosis can provoke many complications (abscess, fistula to adjacent organs, migration, etc.), but the most frequent and one of the most severe complication is the communication between the cyst and(More)
This article studies the changes produced with age in the different facial tissues, analyzes how these tissues can be affected by surgical manipulation, and sets out certain principles that should be kept in mind during facial rejuvenation surgery. Surgeons are alerted to the possibility of causing iatrogenia, in the sense of interfering with normal facial(More)
Liposuction has become the most frequent aesthetic procedure, and its indications continue to expand to different areas of plastic surgery. In this article the authors present their experience with liposuction in the treatment of nine cases termed ``atypical,'' for not being purely aesthetic. Included are four congenital lipodystrophies—occult spinal(More)
Liposuction, like all surgical procedures, is subject to complications and unfavorable results. Since it is a closed procedure and departs from the usual concept of surgery, its practice is, to a large extent, based on subjective intraoperative estimation. Therefore, it is liable to errors that might have serious local and systemic consequences. In an(More)
A personal modification of the original dermolipectomy technique of Rockay [8] is presented for specific cases of patients with severe lipodistrophies, metabolic or cardiovascular disorders, patients with prior supraumbilical scars, etc., frequently associated with alterations to the musculoaponeurotic wall. The technique results in an anchor-shaped scar,(More)
We consider the action of the 2-dimensional projective general linear group PGL(2, q) on the projective line PG(1, q). A subset S of PGL(2, q) is said to be an intersecting family if for every g1, g2 ∈ S, there exists α ∈ PG(1, q) such that αg1 = αg2 . It was proved by Meagher and Spiga that the intersecting families of maximum size in PGL(2, q) are(More)
Voronin’s Universality Theorem states grosso modo, that any non-vanishing analytic function can be uniformly approximated by certain shifts of the Riemann zeta-function ζ(s). However, the problem of obtaining a concrete approximants for a given function is computationally highly challenging. The present note deals with this problem, using a finite number n(More)
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