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In this paper, we present a method for quickly identifying the scan path chain of datapaths. The originality of the method resides in working with both RT and gate-level level descriptions of circuits. The proposed technique results in a very significant reduction on the CPU time required for scan path selection. We investigate also some directions for the(More)
This paper provides an overview of our ongoing work in the GRADEp middleware. GRADEp research is being developed by the GRADEp Working Group, sponsored by RNP, and aims at extending the traditional grid computing proposal with the notion of " pervasive grid executions " by incorporating aspects of mobility of devices, users and application components.(More)
Content-based routing (CBR) is a powerful model that supports scalable asynchronous communication among large sets of geographically distributed nodes. Yet, preserving privacy represents a major limitation for the wide adoption of CBR, notably when the routers are located in public clouds. Indeed, a CBR router must see the content of the messages sent by(More)
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