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In advance of an updated monographic revision of Swartzia (Leguminosae), we discuss the taxonomy of the genus in extra-Amazonian Brazil and present descriptions of five new species. All of the new species are narrowly distributed in eastern Brazil in threatened Atlantic wet forest and coastal scrub habitats. Four of them—S. alagoensis, S. arenophila, S.(More)
Compressed sensing has proved key in resolving commonly sparse scenarios where MIMO Radar schemes are envisioned. This is normally addressed via cross-range imaging, equipped with a matched filter for each desired range. This paper takes a more general approach by formulating a full 3D convolution sensing matrix for joint range/cross-range imaging, while(More)
This work presents a fast and scalable algorithm for incremental learning of Gaussian mixture models. By performing rank-one updates on its precision matrices and determinants, its asymptotic time complexity is of O N KD 2 for N data points, K Gaussian components and D dimensions. The resulting algorithm can be applied to high dimensional tasks, and this is(More)
Resumo A Engenharia de Requisitos tem buscado, através de técnicas de criatividade, fornecer meios para elicitação de requisitos úteis e inova-dores. Dentre as técnicas disponíveis, há a de Criatividade Combinacio-nal, que visa produzir novas ideias através da associação de ideias antigas utilizando caminhos não familiares. O presente trabalho tem por(More)
In MIMO Radar schemes, sparse scenarios have been successfully exploited by compressed sensing (CS) techniques. We address the ill-conditioning inherent to the linear model of a 3D Radar imaging system, by proposing a two-step decoupling procedure which induces structure, and allows for fast matrix products to efficiently recover the target image. This is(More)
OBJECTIVE Actively searching for leprosy, other skin diseases and BCG vaccination scars amongst school children from Agua de Dios, the municipality having the highest prevalence of leprosy in Colombia. METHODS A clinical examination of the children was carried out by nurses, interns, general practitioners and experts on leprosy. Skin smear tests and skin(More)
To assess the taxonomic utility of cytogenetic variation in the species-rich neotropical papilionoid legume genus Swartzia and to ascertain the importance of cytogenetic evolution in the diversification history of the genus, a variety of cytogenetic data—chromosome number, chromosome lengths, relative chromosome length, total chromatin length (TCL),(More)
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