Rafael Perl-Treves

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Cucumis melo L. (melon) genotypes differ widely in morphological and biochemical traits. Intraspecific classification of such variability has been difficult, and most taxonomists still rely on the work of Naudin (1859). A collection of 54 accessions representing diverse genotypes from 23 countries was surveyed. Morphological traits related to the vegetative(More)
The two cDNAs coding for the cytosolic (cyt) and the chloroplast-located (chl) Cu,Zn superoxide dismutases (SODs) of tomato (Perl-Treves et al. 1988) were cloned into respective binary vectors and mobilized into Agrobacterium strains. Potato tuber discs were infected with either of the two agrobacterial strains and cultured on selective medium containing(More)
A cDNA library was derived from the poly(A)+ RNA of young tomato leaves. The library was cloned in a λgt11 system and screened by synthetic oligonucleotide probes having sequences that match the codes of conserved regions of amino acid sequences of Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD) proteins from a wide range of eukaryotic organisms. Two cDNAs were isolated,(More)
Andromonoecy is a widespread sexual system in angiosperms, characterized by plants carrying both male and bisexual flowers. Monoecy is characterized by the presence of both male and female flowers on the same plant. In cucumber, these sexual forms are controlled by the identity of the alleles at the M locus. In melon, we recently showed that the transition(More)
The Floral Genome Project was initiated to bridge the genomic gap between the most broadly studied plant model systems. Arabidopsis and rice, although now completely sequenced and under intensive comparative genomic investigation, are separated by at least 125 million years of evolutionary time, and cannot in isolation provide a comprehensive perspective on(More)
Little is known about the biological role of nucleases induced during plant senescence and programmed cell death (PCD). Arabidopsis BFN1 has been identified as a senescence-associated type I nuclease, whose protein sequence shares high homology with some other senescence- or PCD-associated plant nucleases. To learn about BFN1 regulation, its expression(More)
A new linkage map of Cucumis melo, derived from the F2 progeny of a cross between PI 414723 and C. melo 'TopMark' is presented. The map spans a total of 1421 cM and includes 179 points consisting of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD), amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs), simple sequence repeats (SSRs),(More)
The expression of the two Cu,ZZn superoxide dismutase (SOD) genes of tomato was followed in different organs and plant developmental stages at the transcript and enzymatic activity levels. The cDNA clones used as probes [28] code for the chloroplast Cu, Zn SOD (clone T1) and the cytosolic Cu, Zn SOD (clone P31). The two genes were found to display distinct(More)
An electrophoretic comparison of 29 nuclear-coded enzymes was carried out for 21 Cucumis species, and a phylogeny based on pairwise measurements of the respective genetic distances was computed. This phylogeny was compared to the one based on chlDNA cariation (Perl-Treves and Galun 1985). The two phylogenies were found to share the main dendrogram features;(More)