Rafael P. Martínez-Álvarez

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Several research programs are tackling the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) at specific fields, such as e-Health, e-Inclusion or e-Sport. This is the case of the project "Ambient Intelligence Systems Support for Athletes with Specific Profiles", which intends to assist athletes in their training. In this paper, the main developments and outcomes from(More)
Sharing documents across different platforms is highly necessary nowadays. However, many devices, as embedded ones, cannot deal with formats like PDF or PowerPoint, despite their widespread use. In this paper we propose an automated format conversion system to allow the visualization of formats that are not supported in simple multimedia embedded devices.(More)
This paper focuses on automated content update for MHP applications. Some of the authors have been involved in the first MHP trials of TVG, the TV channel of Galicia, NW Spain (three million population). It has a 30% share at regional level, competing with national channels. However, the initial MHP trials have raised the problem of manual content update(More)
In this paper, we apply support vector machines to identify peer-to-peer p2p traffic in high-performance routers. Commercial networks limit user access bandwidth, either physically or logically. However, in research networks there are no individual bandwidth restrictions, since this would interfere with research tasks. User behavior in research networks has(More)
This paper describes our experience with concurrent asynchronous monitoring of large populations of end-user broadband-access routers. Despite of the wealth of research in large-scale monitoring, which assumes that it is possible to inquiry individual nodes efficiently, end-user access routers usually have manual legacy interfaces, either HTTP- or(More)
Remote monitoring of physical effort has a great importance in the treatment of some cardiopathies. Nowadays, wearable motion-tracking devices represent an easy solution to acquire relevant data. We demonstrate a system based on a commercial sensor that sends real-time information to a hospital via a mobile gateway -the patient's cell phonein the same(More)
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