Rafael Otávio Cançado Motta

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The signaling pathway mediating modulation of Na(+)-ATPase of proximal tubule cells by atrial natriuretic peptides (ANP) and urodilatin through receptors located in luminal and basolateral membranes (BLM) is investigated. In isolated BLM, 10(-11)M ANP or 10(-11)M urodilatin inhibited the enzyme activity (50%). Immunodetection revealed the presence of NPR-A(More)
Infectious diseases can cause deleterious effects on bird species, leading to population decline and extinction. Haemosporidia can be recognized by their negative effects on host fitness, including reproductive success and immune responses. In captivity, outbreaks of haemosporidian infection have been observed in birds in zoos and aviaries. The endemic(More)
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