Rafael Mello Boldrini

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Grade IV astrocytoma or glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most aggressive and lethal tumors affecting humans. ADAR2-mediated A-to-I RNA editing, an essential post-transcriptional modification event in brain, is impaired in GBMs and astrocytoma cell lines. However, the role of ADAR2 editing in astrocytomas remains to be defined. Here, we show that(More)
Accumulation of glycine (GLY) is the biochemical hallmark of glycine encephalopathy (GE), an aminoacidopathy characterized by severe neurological dysfunction that may lead to early death. In the present study, we evaluated the effect of a single intracerebroventricular administration of GLY on bioenergetics, redox homeostasis, and histopathology in brain of(More)
We observed 4 children with hemimegalencephaly, (3 boys, 1 girl aged 3-7 years). One child had a linear sebaceous nevus. All patients had a similar clinical, EEG, and neuroradiologic pattern. All patients had macrocrania, hemiparesis, hemianopsia, and psychomotor retardation of variable degree. All cases had an epileptic syndrome with onset during the first(More)
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