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INTRODUCTION Surgical complications after pancreas transplantation, and subsequently relaparotomies, are frequently associated with graft loss, important morbidities, and occasionally patient death. PATIENTS AND METHODS From March 1995 to September 2008, 118 diabetic patients underwent pancreas transplantation: 109 simultaneous pancreas-kidney and nine(More)
Treatment of xerostomia is a common clinical challenge in the oral medicine practice. Although some treatments have been used to improve the symptoms of xerostomia, none is completely satisfactory for the patients who suffer of this alteration. In the last years non-pharmacological treatments based on electro-stimulation for the treatment of xerostomia have(More)
Adenosine deaminase (adenosine aminohydrolase; E.C. has been purified 4686-fold from egg yolk. The procedure developed was used to isolate the enzyme from eight chicken eggs. An easily prepared affinity column employing purine riboside was used as the final step in the purification. The method developed permits the rapid isolation and a high(More)
OBJECTIVE Bladder drainage (BD) of exocrine secretions is associated with urological and pancreatitis complications. Herein we have analyzed our experience with conversion from BD to enteric drainage (ED). PATIENTS AND METHODS From March 1995 to September 2008, 118 patients underwent pancreas transplantation. There were 68 men and 50 women of a overall(More)
The in-vivo survival of 51Cr-labelled murine red blood cells (RBCs) loaded with recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEpo-RBCs) was slightly lower than that of normal RBCs. Intravenous administration to normal mice of the encapsulated rhEpo shows the pharmacokinetic bicompartmental profile typical of the free rhEpo. Distribution and elimination half-life(More)
Twenty-nine patients in whom 180 degrees fundoplication was performed were studied manometrically before and 6-12 months and 6-13 years (mean 9.5 years) after operation. The resting pressure of the HPZ was 6.44 +/- 4.74 mmHg before operation, 12.72 +/- 6.17 mmHg at 6-12 months and 11.37 +/- 4.55 6-13 years later. The postoperative increase was significant(More)