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Earlier studies demonstrated that oscars, endemic to ion-poor Amazonian waters, are extremely hypoxia tolerant, and exhibit a marked reduction in active unidirectional Na(+) uptake rate (measured(More)
The total rate of N-waste excretion (M N) in juvenile tambaqui living in ion-poor Amazonian water comprised 85 % ammonia-N (M Amm-N) and 15 % urea-N (M Urea-N). Both occurred mainly across the gills(More)
The use of natural products as medicines has been growing in the entire world. There are concerns that these products may contain potentially toxic ingredients and contaminants such as heavy metals.(More)
The increment in crude oil exploitation over the last decades has considerably increased the risk of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contamination to Amazonian aquatic environments, especially(More)
To assess how the quality and properties of the natural dissolved organic carbon (DOC) could drive different effects on gill physiology, we analysed the ionoregulatory responses of a native Amazonian(More)