Rafael M. Conde-Álvarez

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The relationship between O2-based gross photosynthesis (GP) and in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence of Photosystem II-based electron transport rate (ETR) as well as the relationship between effective quantum yield of fluorescence (ΦPSII) and quantum yield of oxygen evolution (ΦO_2) were examined in the green algae Ulva rotundata and Ulva olivascens and the red(More)
The possible protective role against ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sheathing leaves that wrap the young flowers of Ruppia drepanensis and Althenia orientalis was assessed. The effects of UV radiation on the viability of their pollen grains and those of R. maritima were also analysed. The absorption of the sheathing leaves of R. depranensis for visible(More)
We have studied the plasticity of the photosynthetic apparatus in the endangered aquatic macrophyte Althenia orientalis to the gradient of light availability within its meadow canopy. We determined diurnal change in situ irradiance, light quality, in vivo chlorophyll a fluorescence, ex situ oxygen evolution rates, respiration rate and pigment concentration.(More)
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