Rafael Méndez

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This paper describes a real-time contact-free eye-gaze tracking system that bases its accuracy in a very precise estimation of the pupil centre. The eye camera follows the head movements maintaining the pupil centred in the image. When a tracking error is produced, the image from a camera with a wider field of view is used to locate the eye and quickly(More)
During a survey of Burkholderia species with potential use in agrobiotechnology, a group of 12 strains was isolated from the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of tomato plants growing in Mexico (Nepantla, Mexico State). A phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences showed that the strains are related to Burkholderia kururiensis and Burkholderia mimosarum(More)
This study describes the validation of a near infrared spectroscopic method for monitoring a continuous manufacturing system. The achievement of this goal requires determining the near infrared (NIR) method’s accuracy, precision, obtaining an estimate of the sample volume analyzed, and the frequency with which measurements should be obtained. Five(More)
In today word copying something from other sources and claiming it as an own contribution is a crime. We have also seen it is major problem in academic where students of UG, PG or even at PhD level copying some part of original documents and publishing on own name without taking proper permission from author or developer. Many software tools in exist to(More)
This paper presents an overview of a proposed protocol to provide application---transparent fault tolerant services in a Real Time Operating system. Fault tolerance is achieved by saving checkpoints of the processes belonging to a real time application. This approach proposes the extension of some real time system calls in order to save a recovery point(More)
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