Rafael Méndez

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This paper describes a real-time contact-free eye-gaze tracking system that bases its accuracy in a very precise estimation of the pupil centre. The eye camera follows the head movements maintaining the pupil centred in the image. When a tracking error is produced, the image from a camera with a wider field of view is used to locate the eye and quickly(More)
The maximum age of recipients expected to benefit with a kidney transplant has increased in the past three decades. In 1980, patients older than age 50 were not listed for a transplant. In 2004, almost 90% aged 50-60 yr with end-stage renal disease were listed, and some were even older than age 80. We summarize previous articles to illustrate how the notion(More)
Introduction and objectives: New oral anticoagulants require dosing adjustment according to renal function. We aimed to determine discordance in hypothetical recommended dosing of these drugs using different estimated glomerular filtration rate equations in patients with atrial fibrillation. Methods: Cross-sectional analysis of 910 patients with atrial(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of mechanical shear on hydrophobicity of pharmaceutical powder blends as a function of composition and particle size, and to determine the impact on drug release from tablets. METHODS Four powder formulations were subjected to three different shear strain conditions (40 rev, 160 rev, and(More)
The main objective of the present work was to study the effect of mixing order of Cab-O-Sil (CS) and magnesium stearate (MgSt) and microlayers during mixing on blend and tablet properties. A first set of pharmaceutical blend containing Avicel PH200, Pharmatose and micronized acetaminophen was prepared with three mixing orders (mixing order-1: CS added(More)
This study describes the validation of a near infrared spectroscopic method for monitoring a continuous manufacturing system. The achievement of this goal requires determining the near infrared (NIR) method’s accuracy, precision, obtaining an estimate of the sample volume analyzed, and the frequency with which measurements should be obtained. Five(More)
The antihistaminic clemizole was studied as an antiarrhythmic in a preparation in which two arrhythmias of different nature and mechanism were produced in the right atrium of anesthetized dogs. One of the arrhythmias was a circus movement flutter induced by the method of Rosenblueth and García Ramos; the other, an ectopic focus induced by local application(More)