Rafael Luque

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In the current climate of several interrelated impending global crises, namely, climate change, chemicals, energy, and oil, the impact of green chemistry with respect to chemicals and biofuels generated from within a holistic concept of a biorefinery is discussed. Green chemistry provides unique opportunities for innovation via product substitution, new(More)
Research on lignin deconstruction has recently become the center of interest for scientists and companies worldwide, racing towards harvesting fossil-fuel like aromatic compounds which are so durably put together by plants as products of millions of years of evolution. The natural complexity and high stability of lignin bonds (also as an evolutionary(More)
Black Sea molluscs and gastropods are the most studied organisms from the Romanian littoral zone. In particular, those from the Mytilidae species are of great interest because biochemical investigations have shown that they can be sources of biological active substances which can have different applications (e.g. food additives). We report here the(More)
Much work has been carried out in recent years on the beneficial effect of phenolic compounds as natural antioxidants which help to neutralize free radicals. In fact, researchers have focused their attention on the pathological role of free radicals in a variety of diseases, among which the most important are atherosclerosis and cancer. Thus, among the(More)
Catalyst-free reactions developed during the last decade and the latest developments in this emerging field are summarized with a focus on catalyst-free reactions in-water and on-water. Various named reactions, multi-component reactions and the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds are discussed including the use of various energy input systems such as(More)
Falls are a major cause of health and psychological problems as well as hospitalization costs among older adults. Thus, the investigation on automatic Fall Detection Systems (FDSs) has received special attention from the research community during the last decade. In this area, the widespread popularity, decreasing price, computing capabilities, built-in(More)
This paper presents a wireless medical monitoring system. The system permits to receive and process in a single concentrator node (e.g. a laptop or a simple handheld device) the pulse-oximetry signals from one ore several monitored patients without using any wired infrastructure. The system, which is based on a piconet of Bluetooth sensors, can retransmit(More)
Falls are a foremost source of injuries and hospitalization for seniors. The adoption of automatic fall detection mechanisms can noticeably reduce the response time of the medical staff or caregivers when a fall takes place. Smartphones are being increasingly proposed as wearable, cost-effective and not-intrusive systems for fall detection. The exploitation(More)