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The achievable accuracy is a decisive parameter for the comparison of direct intraoral digitization with the conventional impression. The objective of the study was therefore to compare the accuracy of the reproduction of a model situation by intraoral digitization vs. the conventional procedure consisting of impression taking, model production, and(More)
This paper describes a new framework to the collection and fusion of multisensor airborne LiDAR and hyperspectral data. We describe a data fusion philosophy that provides a spatially precise positioning of hyperspectral data based on discrete first and last return LiDAR data. Three dimensional objects defined by the LiDAR data are then used to sample(More)
This study used foliar chemistry samples as calibration data to address the use of high spatial and spectral resolution hyperspectral and LiDAR data to model and predict foliar chlorophyll. We used linear multiple regression models to derive three relationships: total plot reflectance only, total plot integrated with LiDAR structure, and top of canopy(More)
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