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This paper analyses the impact of terrorist activity on international tourist flows. To this end, we have estimated a cross‐sectional gravity equation for tourism from the G‐7 countries to a sampleExpand
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The Effect of EMU on Tourism
This paper estimates the effect of the euro on intra‐EMU tourist flows by using a panel dataset of 20 OECD countries over the period 1995–2002. The results reveal that the euro has increased tourism,Expand
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Trade effects of monetary agreements: Evidence for OECD countries
This paper analyses the effects of monetary agreements on trade flows using a sample of 25 OECD countries over the period 1950-2004. We find that these agreements have boosted intra-bloc trade. ThisExpand
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Abstract This paper estimates the effect of embassies and consulates on tourist flows from the G-7 countries. The results indicate that embassies and consulates have a positive and significant effectExpand
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Do nonreciprocal preferential trade agreements increase beneficiaries' exports?
This paper investigates whether and to what extent nonreciprocal preferential trade agreements (NRPTAs) have increased developing countries' exports to richer countries. Using recent developments inExpand
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The border effect in Spain: The Basque Country case
Gil-Pareja S., Llorca-Vivero R. and Martínez-Serrano J. A. (2006) The border effect in Spain: the Basque Country case, Regional Studies 40, 335–345. This paper investigates the border effect on theExpand
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Corruption and International Trade: A Comprehensive Analysis with Gravity
The aim of this paper is to analyze the impact of corruption on trade. To this end, we estimate gravity equations using a wide sample of countries for a long period of time and three differentExpand
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How time influences franchise contracts: the Spanish case
This article builds a simple theoretical model for the optimal expected length of a franchise contract. The main outcome is that fixed specific investment positively impacts contract durationExpand
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The impact of the euro on firm export behaviour: does firm size matter?
The goal of this paper is to assess the impact of the euro on the relationship between firm size and exports. We employ previous new-new trade theory models to derive some hypotheses that are testedExpand
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Did the European exchange-rate mechanism contribute to the integration of peripheral countries?
Abstract This paper analyses the effect on trade of the exchange-rate mechanism I by member country. We find that it has contributed to a deeper integration of those peripheral countries thatExpand
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