Rafael Llamas Contreras

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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are adult, multipotent, stem cells with immunomodulatory properties. The mechanisms involved in the capacity of MSCs to inhibit the proliferation of proinflammatory T lymphocytes, which appear responsible for causing autoimmune disease, have yet to be fully elucidated. One of the underlying mechanisms studied recently is the(More)
Objectives  To retrospectively analyze by indices of success, patients with chronic complex pain, including, axial low back pain, receiving dual spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems. Methods  Eighteen patients with dual spinal cord stimulators have been retrospectively and nonrandomly analyzed. The preponderance of patients in our study group had failed(More)
Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide that is thought to be an essential cell component playing an important role as a cellular antioxidant and scavenger of free radicals. GSH depletion has been shown to render cells more sensitive to various insults. GSH has a protective effect. GSH levels can be decreased by inhibition of its synthesis with buthionine(More)
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