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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are adult, multipotent, stem cells with immunomodulatory properties. The mechanisms involved in the capacity of MSCs to inhibit the proliferation of proinflammatory T lymphocytes, which appear responsible for causing autoimmune disease, have yet to be fully elucidated. One of the underlying mechanisms studied recently is the(More)
BACKGROUND Dobutamine stress echocardiography (DSE) is frequently used in the evaluation of cardiac risk prior to orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). In the general cardiac population, an inducible left ventricular outflow tract gradient (LVOT Delta) during DSE has variable prognostic importance. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence(More)
To compare the epidemiological profile and socioeconomic factors associated to the infection by Schistosoma mansoni in a rural and an urban endemic area a cross-sectional study was performed in Agua Branca de Minas (rural area) and Bela Fama (urban area), both situated in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Two hundred and eighty eight individuals were(More)
Objectives  To retrospectively analyze by indices of success, patients with chronic complex pain, including, axial low back pain, receiving dual spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems. Methods  Eighteen patients with dual spinal cord stimulators have been retrospectively and nonrandomly analyzed. The preponderance of patients in our study group had failed(More)
Genetic factors may interact with physical activity levels to modify obesity risk. Our aim was to explore the influence of rs1801260 single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) (3111T/C) of CLOCK gene on obesity risk, and to examine its potential interaction with lifestyle factors in an elderly population within the SUN ("Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra")(More)
Gastric aspiration is a high-risk condition for lung injury. Consequences range from subclinical pneumonitis to respiratory failure, with fibrosis development in some patients. Little is known about how the lung repairs aspiration-induced injury. By using a rat model of single orotracheal instillation of whole gastric contents, we studied the time course of(More)
Sera from 1036 donors at the Hemotherapy Service of the General Hospital "Luis Díaz Soto" were evaluated for IgG anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies. No significant difference was found among sexes. The presence of T. gondii antibodies were distributed in eight age categories; a minor and a major presence of specific IgG for the young and old age groups,(More)
It was determined the presence of antibodies anti-T. gondii in young, 13-16 year old, belonging to Republic Arab Saharaui; Popular Republic of Angola; Ethiopia and Republic of Ghana. From a total of 707 sera analyzed, the 71.43% of them showed the presence of specific antibodies. The prevalence of antibodies did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) between(More)
The ganglion impar, a single structure usually found at the anterior aspect of the sacrococcygeal joint, is the lowest ganglion of the paravertebral sympathetic chain. Its blockade is indicated in visceral pain syndromes and/or sympathetic pain syndromes of the perineal region. Several approaches to this block have been described, mainly through the(More)