Rafael López

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In this paper we provide a full characterization of the pure-strategy Nash Equilibria for the p-Beauty Contest Game when we restrict player’s choices to integer numbers. Opposed to the case of real number choices, equilibrium uniqueness may be lost depending on the value of p and the number of players: in particular, as p approaches 1 any symmetric profile(More)
Nerve cell dissociation has become a key procedural tool in the implementation of a number of techniques in cellular and molecular neurobiology. We report that a protease preparation from Streptomyces fradiae (henceforth SF-protease) dissociates viable and morphologically identifiable embryonic and mature neurons and glial cells from the central nervous(More)
OBJECTIVES The morbidity and mortality of patients with rheumatic diseases has improved considerably following the use of biologic therapies. However, an increase in the frequency of bacterial infections has been observed in patients receiving these drugs. In the present study we aimed to establish the incidence and clinical manifestations of non-typhi(More)
The chick retina has three types of cholinergic amacrine cells. We have found that Types I and II differentiate from a common population of postmitotic cells temporarily located in the inner plexiform layer (IPL cells). Golgi staining and immunocytochemistry for choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) were used to trace the(More)
Understanding metabolic differences between breeds of cattle is important when selecting for production in semiarid environments. Spring-calving multiparous Angus and Brahman cows (n = 8/breed) grazing in the Chihuahuan Desert were used to evaluate metabolic hormone status in February (i.e., 3rd trimester of pregnancy), May (i.e., early lactation), and(More)
We give an existence result for constant mean curvature graphs in hyperbolic space Hn+1. Let Ω be a compact domain of a horosphere in Hn+1 whose boundary ∂Ω is mean convex, that is, its mean curvature H∂Ω (as a submanifold of the horosphere) is positive with respect to the inner orientation. If H is a number such that −H∂Ω < H < 1, then there exists a graph(More)
We present analytic refinements and applications of the deformed atomic densities method [Fernández Rico, J.; López, R.; Ramírez, G. J Chem Phys 1999, 110, 4213-4220]. In this method the molecular electron density is partitioned into atomic contributions, using a minimal deformation criterion for every two-center distributions, and the atomic contributions(More)