Rafael J. Villanueva

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BACKGROUND Meningococcal C (MenC) conjugate vaccines have controlled invasive diseases associated with this serogroup in countries where they are included in National Immunization Programs and also in an extensive catch-up program involving subjects up to 20 years of age. Catch-up was important, not only because it prevented disease in adolescents and young(More)
Random networks are emerging in epidemiology as a way of simulating more realistic random contact behaviours. A network is a set of nodes representing individuals. Labels or properties may be assigned to each node, for instance, age, sex, state respect to disease (susceptibility, infection, recovery, etc.). Nodes are connected by ties that represent disease(More)
Mathematical theory of matrix cubic splines is introduced, then adapted for progressive rendering of images. 2D subsets of a 3D digital object are transmitted progressively under some ordering scheme, and subsequent reconstructions using the matrix cubic spline algorithm provide an evolving 3D rendering. The process can be an effective tool for browsing(More)
This paper deals with the construction of explicit solutions of the Black–Scholes equation with a weak payoff function. By using the Mellin transform of a class of weak functions a candidate integral formula for the solution is first obtained and then it is proved that it is a rigorous solution of the problem. Well known solutions of option pricing value(More)