Rafael Gouriveau

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—This paper deals with the presentation of an experimental platform called PRONOSTIA, which enables testing, verifying and validating methods related to bearing health assessment, diagnostic and prognostic. The choice of bearings is justified by the fact that most of failures of rotating machines are related to these components. Therefore, bearings can be(More)
The health assessment of composite structures from acoustic emission data is generally tackled by the use of clustering techniques. In this paper, the K-means clustering and the newly proposed Partially-Hidden Markov Model (PHMM) are exploited to analyse the data collected during mechanical tests on composite structures. The health assessment considered in(More)
In maintenance field, industrial and research communities take a growing interest in the "understanding of the degradation phenomenon". Within this frame, the general purpose of the paper is to explore the way of defining a prognostic system that is able to approximate and predict the degradation of equipment. Prognostic is defined and the evolution of(More)
Prognostic is recognized as a key feature as the estimation of the remaining useful life of an equipment allows avoiding inopportune maintenance spending. However, it can be difficult to implement an efficient prognostic tool since the lack of knowledge on the behavior of an equipment can impede the development of classical dependability analysis. In this(More)