Rafael Gonzalo

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A major drawback of artificial neural networks is their black-box character. Therefore, the rule extraction algorithm is becoming more and more important in explaining the extracted rules from the neural networks. In this paper, we use a method that can be used for symbolic knowledge extraction from neural networks, once they have been trained with desired(More)
Chaos control is a concept that recently acquiring more attention among the research community, concerning the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematic. This paper presents a method to simultaneous control of deterministic chaos in several nonlinear dynamical systems. A radial basis function networks (RBFNs) has been used to control(More)
  • Victor Gladun Ukraine, Adil Timofeev, +6 authors Valentín Palencia
  • 2006
Signal processing is an important topic in technological research today. In the areas of nonlinear<lb>dynamics search, the endeavor to control or order chaos is an issue that has received increasing attention over<lb>the last few years. Increasing interest in neural networks composed of simple processing elements (neurons) has<lb>led to widespread use of(More)
Synthetic biology is an emerging discipline that combines knowledge from various disciplines including molecular biology, engineering, and mathematics to design biological devices whose goal is to extend or modify the behavior of organisms and engineer them to achieve desired functions for broad applications. This paper provides a brief survey about the(More)
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