Rafael Germán Hurtado

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We analyse the urban mobility in the cities of Medellín and Manizales (Colombia). Each city is represented by six mobility networks, each one encoding the origin-destination trips performed by a subset of the population corresponding to a particular socio-economic status. The nodes of each network are the different urban locations whereas links account for(More)
This work studies melodic lines of western art music tradition from frequency of occurrence of their constitutive elements. The model of analysis uses pairs of successive sounds as the minimal structural elements of a melody. Each pair of possible sounds in a musical instrument is associated to a quantity related to the difference of acoustic energies of(More)
Consonance is related to the perception of pleasantness arising from a combination of sounds and has been approached quantitatively using mathematical relations, physics, information theory, and psychoacoustics. Tonal consonance is present in timbre, musical tuning, harmony, and melody, and it is used for conveying sensations, perceptions, and emotions in(More)
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