Rafael Gely

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Diuretic therapy may enhance renin release by various mechanisms, principally contraction of extracellular fluid volume and its effects, including a fall in arterial pressure. Awake hydropenic or volume-expanded rats received diuretics (amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide) that are known inhibitors of NaCl transport beyond the macula densa; also the(More)
In trials witnesses often slant their testimony in order to advance their own interests. To obtain truthful testimony, the law relies on cross-examination under threat of prosecution for perjury. We show that perjury law is an imperfect truth-revealing mechanism. More importantly, we develop a perfect truth-revealing mechanism. Under this mechanism the(More)
The independence of the judiciary cannot be assumed. The creation and maintenance of an independent judiciary are difficult political problems, chiefly because independent social and political institutions necessarily make life more difficult for those holding political power. Powerful political actors constantly face the temptation to subvert judicial(More)
The literature on judicial selection systems has given considerable attention to the role that politicians and their parties – through their legislative roles – have played in the adoption and operation of these judicial selection systems. Less attention, however, has been given to both the effect that interest groups, broadly defined, have in the creation(More)
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