Rafael Freitas Reale

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Bandwidth Allocation Models (BAMs) are used in order to define Bandwidth Constraints (BCs) in a perclass basis for MPLS/DS-TE networks and effectively define how network resources like bandwidth are obtained and shared by applications. The BAMs proposed (MAM – Maximum Allocation Model, RDM – Russian Dolls Model, G-RDM – Generic RDM and AllocTC-Sharing)(More)
Bandwidth Allocation Models (BAMs) configure and handle resource allocation (bandwidth, LSPs, fibre) in networks in general (IP/MPLS/DS-TE, optical domain, other). BAMs currently available for IP/MPLS/DS-TE networks (MAM, RDM, G-RDM and AllocTC-Sharing) basically define resource restrictions (bandwidth) by “class” (traffic class, application ś class, user ś(More)
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