Rafael Ferrer

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The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of asymptomatic genital infection with herpes simplex virus in women attending a venereal disease clinic in Puerto Rico. Genital samples were obtained from 123 consecutively enrolled patients. Vero cells were used for viral isolation; isolates demonstrating cytopathic effect were stored at -70 C and(More)
The masses of six neutron-deficient rare holmium and thulium isotopes close to the proton drip line were determined with the SHIPTRAP Penning trap mass spectrometer. For the first time the masses of the proton-unbound isotopes 144,145Ho and 147,148Tm were directly measured. The proton separation energies were derived from the measured mass values and(More)
Music cognition and real-time listening: denotation, cue abstraction, route description and cognitive maps .. Auditive analysis of the Quartetto per Archi in due tempi (1955) La psychologie cognitive face à la musique contemporaine : une contribution essentielle de Irène Deliège .. Cue abstraction, paradigmatic analysis and informative dynamics: towards(More)
Operational definitions of music preferences are at the core of psychological research exploring individual differences (personality , expertise) and their relation to a variety of musical behaviors. However, the measurement instruments for music preferences mostly rely on subjective likings for genres, a notion known to be problematic in several ways. We(More)
A very promising way towards establishing an accurate description of the inner structure of an atomic nucleus is the study of exotic nuclei. In the last few years a number of mass spectrometers based on Penning traps have been setup at rare isotopes facilities [1]. For instance SHIPTRAP at GSI is designed to provide clean and cooled beams of singly charged(More)
A Penning trap mass spectrometer is a well established instrument for the precise mass determination of both, stable and short-lived nuclides. For this purpose two different concepts are employed. Masses of stable species are mostly determined by the non-destructive detection of image currents induced in the trap electrodes and a subsequent Fourier(More)
The Penning trap mass spectrometer SHIPTRAP, schematically shown in Figure 1, is set up behind the velocity filter SHIP for high-precision mass measurements of rare isotopes produced in fusion-evaporation reactions. The reaction products enter a gas cell [1, 2] with an en-gasscell buncher transfer Penninggtraps DCCelectrodes RFFfunnel extractionnRFQ(More)
Resonant laser ionization and spectroscopy are widely used techniques at radioactive ion beam facilities to produce pure beams of exotic nuclei and measure the shape, size, spin and electromagnetic multipole moments of these nuclei. However, in such measurements it is difficult to combine a high efficiency with a high spectral resolution. Here we(More)
— Supervised recommender systems can be broadly classified into (a) regression models that predict ratings of unlabeled items and (b) ranking models that rank items according to an order of interest. Although both models assess the value of an item, regression may be less precise than ranking because the regressor does not learn a distinction between two(More)