Rafael Fernández Liesa

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INTRODUCTION The position of the sphenopalatine artery is essential for the endoscopic treatment of severe posterior epistaxis. This artery passes through its own foramen, which has a wide range of locations and anatomic relations. OBJECTIVE To carry out a descriptive osteological study on the sphenopalatine foramen area. Its anatomy, size, position and(More)
An observational study of acoustic voice parameters was made in non-dysphonic adult smokers and non-smokers. The sustained vocal /a/ of 79 smokers and 169 non-smokers was recorded with Mini-Disk equipment. Acoustic analysis was performed with the Dr. Speech Science 3.0 program. Some acoustic parameters differed between smokers and non-smokers: the(More)
Acoustic analysis was made of 154 voices of healthy non-smokers adults. A sustained vowel /a/ was recorded on a mini-disc. Acoustic analysis was carried out with Dr. Speech Science software. Fundamental frequency (F0), standard deviation of the fundamental frequency (SD F0), jitter PPQ (%), shimmer APQ (%), harmonic-to-noise ratio (HNR), and normalized(More)
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