Rafael Fernández-Crehuet Navajas

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We estimated the pooled risk of tobacco smoking for Parkinson's disease (PD). Inclusion criteria included systematic searches of MedLine, PsycLIT, Embase, Current Contents, previously published reviews, examination of cited reference sources, and personal contact and discussion with several investigators expert in the field. Published prospective studies on(More)
533 cases of bacterial meningitis diagnosed in the province of Cordoba over a period of seven years are analyzed. 53.7% of the cases are in males, with 71.2% of the cases being detected in children under 14 (p less than 0.001). Greater incidence has been observed in Cordoba city than in the province, with a direct relationship being between morbidity and(More)
A systematic review was conducted to estimate the pooled risk of smoking for Parkinson's disease in Chinese populations. The four identified case-control studies had odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals nearly or overlapping unity. Pooled odds ratio of these studies was 0.77 with 95% confidence interval 0.60 to 0.97. It was suggested that smoking(More)
Female genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced in Egypt, despite its recent ban, generally in rural and uneducated communities, under unsanitary conditions and by non-medical personnel. Immediate and long-term complications are frequent. The aim of this study was to gain insight into what beliefs or knowledge are conducive to supporting FGM. One thousand and(More)
This study describes the behavior of eight statistical programs (BMDP, EGRET, JMP, SAS, SPSS, STATA, STATISTIX, and SYSTAT) when performing a logistic regression with a simulated data set that contains a numerical problem created by the presence of a cell value equal to zero. The programs respond in different ways to this problem. Most of them give a(More)
Anisakiasis, or anisakidosis, is a parasitic zoonosis due to the infestation by nematodes of the Anisakidae family, mainly by Anisakis simplex. Notwithstanding its world wide distribution, in our country its appearance is quite recent (1991) with only 19 cases previously reported. We refer 13 cases diagnosed in different hospitals in the province of(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of our follow-up study is to evaluate liver function tests (LFTs) and lipid profiles in patients with Gilbert's syndrome treated with isotretinoin because of severe acne. SETTING Dermatology outpatient clinics of three regional hospitals of Jaén (Spain). PARTICIPANTS Over 4 years, we included all patients diagnosed with severe(More)
A retrospective study of nosocomial infection and its aetiological agents antimicrobial sensitivity in a pediatric ICU during 65 months is reported. Using statistical analysis association was found between infection site and certain diagnostic-therapeutic procedures, such as urinary infection and urinary tract catheter, respiratory lower tract infection and(More)
A survey about 145 atypical mycobacteria strains belonging to the M. fortuitum y M. chelonae complex sensitivity in response to three quaternary ammonium derivates has been performed by means of the dilutional and agar spreading methods. High strain sensitivity has been detected, having the three investigated antiseptics a very similar behaviour. The(More)