Rafael Fedler

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The number of Android-based smartphones is growing rapidly. They are increasingly used for security-critical private and business applications, such as online banking or to access corporate networks. This makes them a very valuable target for an adversary. Up to date, significant or large-scale attacks have failed, but attacks are becoming more(More)
Android is currently the most popular smartphone operating system. However, users feel their private information at threat, facing a rapidly increasing number of malware for Android which significantly exceeds that of other platforms. Antivirus software promises to effectively protect against malware on mobile devices and many products are available for(More)
Sophisticated malware targeting the Android mobile operating system increasingly utilizes local root exploits. These allow for the escalation of privileges and subsequent automatic, unnoticed, and permanent infection of a target device. Poor vendor patch policy leaves customer devices vulnerable for many months. All current local root exploits are(More)
Recent years have seen the development of a multitude of tools for the security analysis of Android applications. A major deficit of current fully automated security analyses, however, is their inability to drive execution to interesting parts, such as where code is dynamically loaded or certain data is decrypted. In fact, security-critical or downright(More)
With the widespread use of the Smartphone, the security of data stored in a Smartphone has reached to an utmost importance to all of us. Installation of every Android app asks for some critical permission to access our critical files and we have to accept the permissions in order to install that application. We propose a novel approach of enhanced security(More)
A prospective study of 552 persons was performed to study nickel allergy in atopics, with and without dermatitis, psoriatics and healthy adults. We found no statistically-significant difference in the frequency of nickel allergy between persons with atopic dermatitis, atopics without dermatitis and healthy controls. More females than men gave a history of(More)
KURZFASSUNG Das Border Gateway Protocol BGP, der de facto-Standard für Routing im Internet, wurde ohne Berücksichtigung von Sicherheitsaspekten entwickelt. Daher kann beim sogenannten Prefix Hijacking ein Angreifer sehr einfach ganze Adressbereiche Dritter übernehmen. Er ist dadurch in der Lage, große Teile des weltweiten Datenverkehrs für diese(More)