Rafael F del Castillo

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Pioneer species are essential for forest regeneration and ecosystem resilience. Pinus chiapensis is an endangered pioneer key species for tropical montane cloud forest regeneration in Mesoamerica. Human activities have severely reduced some P. chiapensis populations, which exhibited a small or null colonization potential suggesting the involvement of(More)
Climate change, habitat loss, and harvesting are potential drivers of species extinction. These factors are unlikely to act on isolation, but their combined effects are poorly understood. We explored these effects in Catopsis compacta, an epiphytic bromeliad commercially harvested in Oaxaca, Mexico. We analyzed local climate change projections, the dynamics(More)
We formulate two single-locus Mendelian models, one for androdioecy and the other one for gynodioecy, each with 3 parameters: t the male (female) fertility rate of males (females) to hermaphrodites, s the fraction of the progeny derived from selfing; and g the fitness of inbreeders. Each model is expressed as a transformation of a 3 dimensional zygotic(More)
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