Rafael F. C. Vescovi

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In this article, we propose a new mathematical approach for the computation of electromagnetic wave amplitudes in grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence (gixrf)—an analytical method for surface and nearsurface layer analysis. The new contribution comes from an applied point of view, in order to have stable and fast algorithms to simulate the fluorescence(More)
A hybrid method of stitching X-ray computed tomography (CT) datasets is proposed and the feasibility to apply the scheme in a synchrotron tomography beamline with micrometre resolution is shown. The proposed method enables the field of view of the system to be extended while spatial resolution and experimental setup remain unchanged. The approach relies on(More)
An x-ray microtomography station implemented at the X-ray Applied Crystallography Laboratory of the State University of Campinas is described. The station is based on a propagation based phase contrast imaging setup with a microfocus source and digital x-ray area detectors. Due to its simplicity, this setup is ideal for fast, high resolution imaging and(More)
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