Rafael Duque

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Pair programming practices usually take place on a single computer where two programmers collaborate, taking on the roles of driver and observer. This article presents COLLECE, a groupware system to support synchronous distributed pair programming practices, and includes a variety of experimental activities in which two groups of programmers were involved(More)
The advances in network and collaboration technologies enable the creation of powerful environments for Collaborative Programming. One such environment is COLLECE, a groupware system to support collaborative edition, compilation and execution of programs in a synchronous distributed fashion, which includes advanced tools for communication, coordination and(More)
Most of the current academic and professional work requires collaboration between the members of a working group. Groupware tools play a prevailing role in supporting this collaborative work, often from different locations and at the same time. The research field of CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work) studies how to design effective groupware tools.(More)