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Selenium (Se) is an essential trace-element that becomes toxic when present at high concentrations. Little is known regarding Se effects on parameters such as oxidative stress biomarkers. The aim of(More)
Metallomic studies regarding environmental contamination by metals are of value in elucidating metal uptake, trafficking, accumulation and metabolism in biological systems. Many proven bioindicator(More)
One of the metal detoxifying mechanisms that occurs in fish is metallothionein (MT) induction and metal binding. Hepatic MT induction has been well described, but biliary MT metal detoxification has(More)
Mussel farming is an important economic activity in Brazil, and these organisms are consumed by the majority of the population in most coastal zones in the country. However, despite the increasing(More)
Meglumine antimoniate (MA) is a pentavalent antimony drug used to treat leishmaniases. We investigated the neurobehavioral development, sexual maturation and fertility of the offspring of MA-treated(More)