Rafael Cauduro Dias de Paiva

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The recent development of regulatory policies that permit the use of TV bands spectrum on a secondary basis has motivated discussion about coexistence of primary (e.g. TV broadcasts) and secondary users (e.g. WiFi users in TV spectrum). However, much less attention has been given to coexistence of different secondary wireless technologies in the TV white(More)
An audio transformer is used in a guitar amplifier to match the impedances of the power amplifier and a loudspeaker. It is important to understand the influence of the audio transformer on the overall sound quality for realistic tube amplifier emulation. This paper proposes to simulate the audio transformer using a wave digital filter model, which is based(More)
This brief presents a generic model to emulate distortion circuits using operational amplifiers and diodes. Distortion circuits are widely used for enhancing the sound of guitars and other musical instruments. This brief introduces a new model for an ideal operational amplifier that does not include implicit equations and is thus suitable for implementation(More)