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The transformation from n-ary relationships to a relational database schema has never been really fully analyzed. This paper presents one of the several ternary cases ignored by the ER-to-RM literature. The case shows that the following common belief is wrong: Given a set of FDs over a table resulting in a non-3NF situation, it is always possible to obtain(More)
We discuss the design and evaluation of a method to find the information of a person, using his/her name as a search key, even if it has deformations. We present a similarity function that is an edit distance function with costs based on the probabilities of the edit operations but depending on the involved letters and their position. The distance threshold(More)
"An abstract term is like a valise with a false bottom, you may put in it what ideas you please, and take them out again, without being observed" Alexis de Toquevil:e (1835) "data models have much in common with religion" M. Stonebraker (1988) 1. MOTIVATION The Third Manifesto [6], written by H.Darwen and C.J.Date, and published in this journal in March(More)
OBJECTIVES To prevent learning disorders, the authors propose a standardized approach of linguistic competences and psychomotor development in young children. POPULATION AND METHODS Children were evaluated during the systematic examination that was carried out in nursery school between 3 years and 6 months and 4 years and 6 months of age. 2 investigations(More)
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