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Wearable accelerometry provides easily portable systems that supply real-time data adequate for gait analysis. When they do not provide direct measurement of a spatio-temporal parameter of interest, such as step length, it has to be estimated with a mathematical model from indirect sensor measurements. In this work we are concerned with the(More)
A thresholding technique is developed for segmenting digital images with bimodal reflectance distributions under nonuniform illumination. The algorithm works in a raster format, thus making it an attractive segmentation tool in situations requiring fast data throughput. The theoretical base of the algorithm is a recursive Taylor expansion of a continuously(More)
As in twoodimensional computer vision, segmenta-tion is one of the most important processes in 33D vision. The recent availability of costteeective range imaging devices has simpliied the problem of obtaining 33D information directly from a scene. Range images are characterized by two principal types of disconti-nuities: step edges that represent(More)
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