Rafael Auler

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JavaScript has long outpaced its original target applications, being used not only for coding complex web clients, but also web servers, game development and even desktop applications. The most appealing advantage of moving applications to JavaScript is its capability to run the same code in a large number of different devices. It is not surprising that(More)
Several aspects of a computer system cause performance measurements to include random errors. Moreover, these systems are typically composed of a non-trivial combination of individual components that may cause one system to perform better or worse than another depending on the workload. Hence, properly measuring and comparing computer systems performance(More)
—This paper presents acSynth, an ArchC framework for energy characterization and simulation. Based on Tiwari's Method, a subject processor is characterized in an affordable time and the information is fed into acSynth to bring architecture level power analysis. The framework provides power reports and energy profiling. The experimental results show the(More)
Microprocessor manufacturers typically keep old instruction sets in modern processors to ensure backward compatibility with legacy software. The introduction of newer extensions to the ISA increases the design complexity of microprocessor front-ends, exacerbates the consumption of precious on-chip resources (e.g., silicon area and energy), and demands more(More)
—Virtual machines are versatile systems that can support innovative solutions to many problems. These systems usually rely on emulation techniques, such as interpretation and dynamic binary translation, to execute guest application code. Usually, in order to select the best emulation technique for each code segment, the system must predict whether the code(More)
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