Rafael Augusto Arenhart

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As the major mechanism of plant growth and morphogenesis, cell elongation is controlled by many hormonal and environmental signals. How these signals are coordinated at the molecular level to ensure coherent cellular responses remains unclear. In this study, we illustrate a molecular circuit that integrates all major growth-regulating signals, including(More)
Drought limits wheat production in the Brazilian Cerrado biome. In order to search for candidate genes associated to the response to water deficit, we analyzed the gene expression profiles, under severe drought stress, in roots and leaves of the cultivar MGS1 Aliança, a well-adapted cultivar to the Cerrado. A set of 4,422 candidate genes was found in roots(More)
The molecular control of bud dormancy establishment and release is still not well understood, although some genes have already been demonstrated to play important roles in this process. The dormancy-associated MADS-box (DAM) genes were first identified in the peach EVERGROWING locus and are considered the main regulators of bud dormancy control. In this(More)
The work describes an ASR knockdown transcriptomic analysis by deep sequencing of rice root seedlings and the transactivation of ASR cis-acting elements in the upstream region of a MIR gene. MicroRNAs are key regulators of gene expression that guide post-transcriptional control of plant development and responses to environmental stresses. ASR (ABA, Stress(More)
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