Rafael Arteaga-Ortiz

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The exon-1 of the androgen receptor (AR) gene contains two repeat length polymorphisms which modify either the amount of AR protein inside the cell (GGN(n), polyglycine) or its transcriptional activity (CAG(n), polyglutamine). Shorter CAG and/or GGN repeats provide stronger androgen signalling and vice versa. To test the hypothesis that CAG and GGN repeat(More)
BACKGROUND To determine if there is an association between physical activity assessed by the short version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) and cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS One hundred and eighty-two young males (age range: 20-55 years) completed the short form of the IPAQ to assess(More)
BACKGROUND The aim was to develop a unipedal stance test for the assessment of balance using a force platform. METHODS A single-leg balance test was conducted in 23 students (mean ± SD) age: 23 ± 3 years) in a standard position limiting the movement of the arms and non-supporting leg. Six attempts, with both the jumping (JL) and the contralateral leg(More)
AIM Aim of the present study was to test if training frequency determines physical fitness and fat mass accumulation in prepubertal male tennis players (TP). METHODS Body composition scans (DXA), jump performance (SJ and CMJ) and 30 m running speed tests were conducted in 24 TP (10.6 years) and 17 physically active boys. Tennis players were divided into(More)
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