Rafael Aracil

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This paper describes a new control method of teleoperation systems with communication time delay. This method models the teleoperation system in the state space, considering all the possible interactions that could appear in the operator-master-slave-environment set, and it uses the Taylor expansion to model the time delay. The control system allows that(More)
This chapter introduces the main topics of a telerobotic system. It describes the architecture of such a system from a general point of view and emphasizes the interaction between a human operator and a robot that performs the task in the remote environment. Furthermore it focuses on multi-modal human system interfaces and explains the main features of(More)
In the recent past, the visibility problem in vision-based control has been widely investigated. The proposed solutions generally have a common goal: to always keep the object in the camera's field of view during the visual servoing. Contrary to this solution, we propose a new approach based on the concept of allowing the changes of visibility in image(More)
This article presents the promising applications that can be obtained from parallel robots for climbing. It explores the most important aspects of the mechanical design and control of climbing parallel robots (CPRs) based on the Stewart-Gough's (S-G) platform for tasks in tubular or metallic structures.
In this article, a personal computer disassembly cell is presented. With this cell, a certain degree of automatism is afforded for the non-destructive disassembly process and for the recycling of these kinds of mass-produced electronic products. Each component of the product can be separated. The disassembly cell is composed of several sub-systems, each of(More)
This article focuses on the use of stereoscopic video interfaces for telerobotics. Topics concerning human visual perception, binocular image capturing, and stereoscopic devices are described. There is a wide variety of video interfaces for telerobotic systems. Choosing the best video interface depends on the telerobotic application requirements. Simple(More)
This paper presents the design of a parallel robot that is used to play table tennis. The object of this application is to evaluate the level of integration between high-speed robotic systems and vision systems in unknown and dynamic environments. The parallel robot is based on a DELTA robot. The optimization method uses a global condition index based on(More)