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Scientific Workflow Management Systems (SWfMS) are being used intensively to support large scale in silico experiments. In order to reduce execution time, current SWfMS have exploited workflow parallelization under the arising Many Tasks Computing (MTC) paradigm in homogeneous computing environments, such as multiprocessors, clusters and grids with(More)
A company depends on the definition and implementation of a set of projects aligned with the vision established by its senior management to accomplish its strategies. To this set of projects is given the name of portfolio. This paper implements a collaborative tool to support the construction and selection of a project portfolio aligned with the corporate(More)
Different voice encoders were proposed for voice transmission over packet-switched networks. This article analyzes, based on the E model defined by the Resolution ITU-T G.107, the quality of these algorithms when applied to wireless ad hoc networks. Simulations evaluated the voice quality for different encoders considering the packets losses and the(More)
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