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Hepoxilins are 12-lipoxygenase metabolites of arachidonic acid found in the CNS. They can modulate neuronal signaling but their functions are not known. We examined the effects of hepoxilin A(3) on neurite outgrowth post-axotomy in an in vitro model of spinal cord transection using superior cervical ganglion neurons. In the absence of nerve growth factor,(More)
Semivalues like the Shapley value and the Banzhaf value may assign the same payoff vector to different games. It is even possible that two games attain the same outcome for all semivalues. Due to the linearity of the semivalues, this exactly occurs in case the difference of the two games is an element of the kernel of each semivalue. The intersection of(More)
Two games are inseparable by semivalues if both games obtain the same allocation whatever semivalue is considered. The problem of separability by semivalues reduces to separability from the null game. For four or more players, the vector subspace of games inseparable from the null game by semivalues contains games different to zero-game. Now, for five or(More)