Rafael A. Torres

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BACKGROUND Effective treatment is necessary to reverse delirium and prevent potentially serious consequences. METHOD Patients were identified for screening by initial chart review of all consecutive admissions to the general medical or surgical wards at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital and the University of Mississippi Medical Center in(More)
GOAL We aim to evaluate the mechanisms underlying the neurovascular/metabolic coupling in the epileptogenic cortices of rats with chronic focal epilepsy. METHODS We performed and analyzed intracranial recordings obtained from the seizure-onset zones during ictal periods on epileptic rats, and then, used these data to fit a metabolically coupled balloon(More)
Clobetasol benefits to control psoriasis lesions are well defined, but there were not studies about its action when used in lacquer vehicle to control skin lesions. A double-blind study was conducted with 40 patients that utilized clobetasol 0.05% in one hemibody and just the vehicle in the other hemibody. Twenty of them used petrolatum as vehicle and the(More)
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