Rafael A M Lopes

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This paper addresses the training of network models from data produced by systems with symmetry properties. It is argued that although general networks are global approximators, in practice some properties such as symmetry are very hard to learn from data. In order to guarantee that the final network will be symmetrical, constraints are developed for two(More)
We investigate unemployment due to mismatch in the US over the past three decades. We propose an accounting framework that allows us to estimate the overall amount of mismatch unemployment, as well as the contribution of each of the frictions that caused the mismatch. Mismatch is quantitatively important for unemployment and the cyclical behavior of(More)
The most competitive environment generated the need of process performance optimization. Performance optimization means produce the same amount of product, more effectively and spending less money. On the alumina market, that’s fundamental in this economy scenario. Robust Multivariable Predictive Control Technology becomes one of the main tools to optimize(More)
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are widely used worldwide, most likely leading to their release into the environment and a subsequent increase of environmental concentrations. Studies of their deleterious effects on organisms is crucial to understand their environmental impacts. The freshwater snail Physa acuta was chosen to evaluate the potential deleterious(More)
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