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Aníbal Pauchard2
Adrián Escudero2
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2Aníbal Pauchard
2Adrián Escudero
2Saskia Hekker
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  • Jennifer L van Saders, Tugdual Ceillier, Travis S Metcalfe, Victor Silva Aguirre, Marc H Pinsonneault, Rafael A García +2 others
  • 2016
A knowledge of stellar ages is crucial for our understanding of many astrophysical phenomena, and yet ages can be difficult to determine. As they become older, stars lose mass and angular momentum, resulting in an observed slowdown in surface rotation. The technique of 'gyrochronology' uses the rotation period of a star to calculate its age. However, stars(More)
A significant part of the intrinsic brightness variations in cool stars of low and intermediate mass arises from surface convection (seen as granulation) and acoustic oscillations (p-mode pulsations). The characteristics of these phenomena are largely determined by the stars' surface gravity (g). Detailed photometric measurements of either signal can yield(More)
Understanding biological invasions patterns and mechanisms is highly needed for forecasting and managing these processes and their negative impacts. At small scales, ecological processes driving plant invasions are expected to produce a spatially explicit pattern driven by propagule pressure and local ground heterogeneity. Our aim was to determine the(More)
The interaction between plant attributes, environmental factors and the history of human intervention determines which species show a more invasive behavior and which areas are more likely to be invaded. Identifying which factors favor the invasion and which constraint it, remains an essential goal for understanding the process of invasion and to provide a(More)
A model that attempts to simulate animal memory under stress is presented. For this purpose a model of selectable multiple associative memories is given. We consider two underlying types of memories: stressed and unstressed, implemented on the same neural network. In our model, learning into one or the other type of memory is done according to the stress of(More)
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