Rafael Álvarez

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Lung cancer-predominantly non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)-is the leading cause of death from cancer in most industrialized countries. Patients with early-stage NSCLC are at substantial risk for recurrence and death even after potentially curative surgery. Multiple large randomized trials have demonstrated that adjuvant chemotherapy using modern(More)
The main objective of this study was to demonstrate the occurrence of equine piroplasmosis (EP) in horses of Lara State, Venezuela, and to correlate it with the factors host's sex and age in order to know the epidemiology of this disease at the Venezuelan Centroccidental Region. Antibody levels to Babesia caballi and Theileria equi were assessed in 360(More)
Cancer genomics and translational medicine rely on the molecular profiling of patient's tumor obtained during surgery or biopsy. Alternatively, blood is a less invasive source of tumor DNA shed, amongst other ways, as cell-free DNA (cfDNA). Highly-sensitive assays capable to detect cancer genetic events from patient's blood plasma became popularly known as(More)
Traditionally, animal species diversity and abundance is assessed using a variety of methods that are generally costly, limited in space and time, and most importantly, they rarely include a permanent record. Given the urgency of climate change and the loss of habitat, it is vital that we use new technologies to improve and expand global biodiversity(More)
The fibres that are used to reinforce tyres can be recovered as a waste in the process of grinding of scrap tyres. In this paper beneficiation through pyrolysis is studied since the fibres are made up of polymers with a small amount of rubber because the latter is difficult to separate. The experiments were performed at three temperatures (400, 550 and(More)
Clementines are especially appreciated for their delicious flavor, and recent years have seen a great increase in the consumption of clementine juice. In previous decades, antioxidant compounds have received particular attention because of widely demonstrated beneficial health effects. In this work, the organoleptic, volatile flavor, and antioxidant quality(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the volatile products distribution of co-processing of coal with two plastic wastes, low-density polyethylene from agriculture greenhouses and high-density polyethylene from domestic uses, in order to explain the observed decrease in coal fluidity caused by polyethylene waste addition. Polymeric materials, although(More)
Growth regimes of gold thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering at oblique angles and low temperatures are studied from both theoretical and experimental points of view. Thin films were deposited in a broad range of experimental conditions by varying the substrate tilt angle and background pressure, and were analyzed by field emission scanning electron(More)
Tars produced at semi-industrial scale in a coke oven of 6 x 10(3) kg capacity were used to investigate the effect of using polyethylene waste as an additive in the carbonization process with coal. The polyethylene wastes used were low-density polyethylene from the agriculture greenhouses and high-density polyethylene from domestic sources. The(More)