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  • R Lange, R Mm Anner, Dipl Rupert Phys, Lange, Reinhard Mm
Teacher neural networks are a systematic experimental approach to study neu-ral networks. A teacher is a neural network that is employed to generate the examples of the training and the testing set. The weights of the teacher and the input parts of the examples are set according to some probability distribution. The input parts are then presented to the(More)
Proposed is a coder that produces a layered video representation with layers corresponding to different spatial resolutions. A coder consists of based subcoders with independent motion estimation and compensation. Improved motion-vector encoding is provided for the enhancement layer. Other codec features include adaptive interpolation from the base layer,(More)
Accelerator control systems should be flexible and open for future improvements. The introduction of a field bus based I/O system is a step in this direction. At BESSY most of the accelerator devices are interfaced using the BESSY modular I/O system and the Controller Area Network (CAN), which provides excellent noise immunity and a sophisticated, reliable(More)
The BESSY II control system takes advantage of the mature stage of the EPICS toolkit and its contributed generic applications. Development activities have been focussed on three aspects. (1) Dominant role is given to device control IO, based on distributed local intelligence of embedded controllers and CAN fieldbus networks. (2) Cooperative development of(More)
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