Rafał Jaworski

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A seventeen year old Turkish born male school student presented with a four year history of recurrent abdominal pain. The pain was epigastric in distribution and relieved by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. He had not lost weight and there were no other associated abdominal symptoms. On examination the liver edge was palpable 12 cm below the costal(More)
In 51 patients treated with Yttrium-90 (Y-90) synovectomy for rheumatoid (inflammatory) arthritis (IA) and OA of the knee we found that decreased retained knee activity (RKA) and increased extra-articular activity in lymph nodes and liver are more likely to be found in IA than OA and following bilateral knee injections. Joint inflammation, as assessed by(More)
BACKGROUND Mesodermal (müllerian) adenosarcoma arising from the peritoneum is rare and is thought to arise from pluripotent mesothelial and mesenchymal cells of the pelvic cavity or from endometriotic deposits. CASE A case of primary peritoneal mesodermal adenosarcoma arising from the omentum is described. A 50-year-old woman presented with sudden(More)
Nursing informatics is not formally addressed in most undergraduate nursing education programs. Nurses usually rely on their employer and/or device vendors to provide this education. Few nurses are able to capitalize on the potential of computer technology because they have not been sufficiently exposed to nursing informatics during their nursing education.(More)
Cyclic voltammetry of a mixture containing 0.2 mM Na2IrCl6, 0.1 mM PdCl2, 0.2 M K2SO4, and 0.1 M HCl between 1.2 and -0.3 V vs Ag/AgCl for five cycles at 50 mV s-1 yields a stable film on a glassy carbon electrode. The reduction of hydrogen peroxide in 0.1 M KCl is diffusion controlled at that modified electrode. Calibration curves obtained at a 100 mV s-1(More)
This article describes research in automatic content-based temporal classification of texts. Experiments are carried out on a set of texts coming from Polish digital libraries, dating between the years 1814 and 2013. Following successful research in the field of temporal classification, this work aims at creating an automatic dating mechanism to be used in(More)
The aim of the paper was the applicability of phleboscintigraphy in the diagnosis and monitoring of the treatment in patients with various disorders of venous circulation in lower extremities. The study comprised eighty-eight patients with the suspicion of deep veins impatience. The examination was performed using DTPA 99mTc by means of a gamma camera(More)
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