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Determination of oestrogen receptor alpha (ER) represents at present the most important predictive factor in breast cancers. Data of ours and of other authors suggest that promising predictive/prognostic factors may also include pS2, metallothionein (MT) and CD24. Present study aimed at determining prognostic and predictive value of immunohistochemical(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prognostic significance of clinicopathological factors, especially histological parameters of new Jass classification, following sphincter-sparing total mesorectal excision (TME) for high-risk rectal cancer. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty-five consecutive patients treated with curative intent in 1998-1999 due to rectal cancer in Dukes(More)
Nuclear expression of ABCC2 can be specific for lower differentiated cells and stem cells. The study aimed at examination of ABCC2 expression in breast cancers. The immunohistochemical analyses were performed on 70 samples of breast cancer. We have also studied prognostic value of the ABCC2 mRNA expression using the KM plotter which assessed the effect of(More)
PURPOSE The question of whether or not non-sporadic breast malignancies have different immunohistochemical features than sporadic malignancies has not been investigated previously. Consequently, the purpose of this study was to compare the expression of E-cadherin (EC) in breast cancer patients with positive and negative oncologic histories. MATERIAL AND(More)
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